Finding Your New Home with Sunterra

Everybody is different, we will tailor our service to suit you.  Some clients are very familiar with the area; they may know the area they are keen to purchase in very well and may even have purchased there before, they may only require a single viewing and for us to represent them.
The majority of our clients however are first time buyers in Spain and require much more support, advice and guidance.  We can offer a complete service to clients that are more at ease knowing a professional team are working in their interests during and after your purchase.
From the time you initially contact us from your home after searching the property portals we can arrange everything else.  Firstly, we need to establish the purpose of your new home; is it for permanent living, a holiday home or for letting/investment purposes.  We must then agree a suitable date for your first viewing’s in Spain.  Some clients prefer to make their own transport and accommodation arrangements in Spain and some prefer us to collect them from the airport and put them up for a few nights in a hotel and enjoy a more comprehensive viewing trip.
We can focus on areas to visit before viewing property.  Once you are comfortable with an area we will present a selection of developments that meets your exact criteria.  During the initial viewings with one of our Sales Consultants they will get to know you a little better enabling them to target the search better.  A property search is fluid, it may take a direction you weren’t expecting at the outset, we understand this and expect the unexpected.  It is unlikely you will find your dream home on an internet portal in the UK, invariably you’ll discover something while viewing with one of our Sales Consultants that you weren’t expecting and you fall in love!
From here we can take over completely if you’d like us to, some clients however prefer to be a bit more hands on.  Just let us know your expectations and preferences.  If you decide your keen for our Lawyers to represent you, you can really leave the rest to us.  However, if you decide on alternative legal representation we will work with your chosen Lawyer to ensure the purchase process is as smooth as possible.
Our support continues indefinitely, whatever help and guidance we’re able to provide we will.