Why Choose Sunterra to Represent You

Complete A-Z Service
At Sunterra, we offer a complete service.  Once selecting your new property, you can return home safe in the knowledge that when you next return the property will be yours and ready to move into.
Experience and Professionalism
Our team collectively has many decades of real estate, legal and commercial experience.  We are all accessible and here to provide clear, honest advice without pushy sales patter.
Spania Legal and Sunterra Spain are sister companies located together, our Lawyers are on hand at all times ensuring a prompt and thorough response to any potential complications along the way guaranteeing the most efficient purchase process.  They are there to guide you through the legal and tax complexities as you require during and after your purchase.
Your Money is Guaranteed
We work to obtain guarantees from the developer’s financiers for your deposit and initial instalments.  It’s not easily obtained as it is costly for the developer to provide but it is something we believe you should expect when committing to purchase in a new development.
We are fully insured, providing complete confidence and peace of mind.
14% Tax and Fee Guarantee
We offer a guarantee that the additional taxes and purchase fees will not exceed 14% of the purchase price.  If there is a complication or complexity during the purchase process that requires additional legal representation you can be safe in the knowledge that all legal expenses in connection to the purchase are covered.
Due Diligence
We only promote projects from developers with a strong customer focus and secure foundations, not those with short term goals whose primary focus is aggressively securing your commitment.  Over many years our team has learnt much about the more established developers, there are many excellent operators, we only promote projects from developers with a proven history of quality, fairly-priced developments.
Overseeing the Process
We are the liaison between you and the developer/vendor. We will ensure contracts and initial payments are fare and in line with industry standards, we will secure the best deal for you.  We will also make regular follow ups with the developer/vendor ensuring your requirements are carried out in line with your instructions.
Centrally Located Office
Our office is conveniently located in Alicante City centre.  Here you can meet our team in a relaxed environment and discuss the property search, the purchase process and any legal & taxation matters without needing to visit multiple offices.